Mitch & Leigh Drennan.

Leigh has a love for puns and the sound of his own voice, whereas Mitch is a painful introvert with a love for silence. So in the search for something to work on together we compromised and started a weekly podcast and creating content on social media! Makes sense...

We aim to bring all the laughs that we have with our mates into your lives, in the hopes of giving you a chuckle during your day. We have wonderful friends and guests that get involved but here are the people you’ll see regularly.

Our Crew.


Mickus is the man who laughs at basically everything! You will hear his infectious chuckle in any podcast, any challenge and probably just randomly in the streets if you live anywhere near the Gold Coast. His three most beloved hobbies are fitness challenges, playing with Tech Decks and panicking when the microphone is placed in front of him. He owns a personalised T Shirt where his face is the main feature along with his cat.


She still has the baby. Actually depending on when you are reading this said baby may be a fully fledged young adult now. She is very tough to make laugh. She is across every social media trend and incredibly knowledgeable on a range of topics that average people find challenging (such as how often your bed sheets should be washed). Jana co-hosts the podcast monthly and shows up in most challenge related videos. She is a jet!


You might know Gode from his one List A cricket game for the QLD Bulls. Not that we ever mention that. Gode was such a regular guest on the show that it just made sense to get him on a full-time wage. He’s not accruing much annual leave though, as he leaves early every week to get on the road before KFC closes. He is a good man to have in a trivia team, he could tell you every Melbourne Cup, NRL and AFL winner since 1999. But he's in his peak when he’s making Skin’s life a nightmare during a Skin’s Stats segment, or when trying to think of a pun on the run. He’s incredibly good at punning. Skin finds it pun-ishing.