Arrive by accident,
stay for a laugh.

Welcome to We Got The Chocolates. We create content for the kid in every adult! There are dad jokes, fun games and plenty of chat about the things that made us laugh this week.

We hope to bring you along with us for a chuckle, wherever you're watching or listening. Check out our podcast or social media links below to join the fun!



  • — Bluey1990

    Like having a chat with your mates at the local

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    “Found them by accident but stayed for the laughs, and there's plenty. I'm not into cricket or league but still enjoy listening to these guys chat about it. The games are so well done, absolutely love the name game! These guys complement each others style so well, very easy to listen to. Listen to one episode and you'll be hooked”

  • — 997ryan

    Bruce Bling

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    “Will be 5 stars when Skin gets his chap pierced.

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    Update: Skin got his chap pierced. Just holding up my end of the bargain”

  • — Foy Ro

    Sorry Gode

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    “Just pulling my finger out as directed by Gode.

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    Great show, two real funny blokes and a third who tries (every now and then).

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    The very average jingles, quick puns (from two blokes anyway) and some disorganised games make it a great listen.”

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